After the epic announcement of “The Last of Us 2” last year by Naughty Dog, speculations arose with that mysterious trailer. Fans have been guessing from left to right as to what happened to Ellie and Joel. Here are things that I am expecting to come in the upcoming sequel.

Better story with more vengeance

From the teaser trailer that we saw last year, the upcoming video game will most likely be about revenge against the Fireflies. Most revenge stories have the best plot and I am expecting them to make the structure start as a surprise and slowly build up to a big climax.

Hopefully, it will be a good combination of big dialogues, specific locations, and big boss fights.

The occasional side stories would be good too, but they should not be too long. Enough context to these stories would be a good appetizer for the main course, which is Ellie’s supposed revenge. I am also voting for a semi-linear type of story with a spice of choosing what kind of outcome you want to unfold.

More additions to gameplay

While I want the gameplay of this game to be the same, I also want it to have more additional features that will not destroy the base. The stealth, gunfights, boss fights, and exploration are already great, but I also want Naughty Dog to explore other features to add like climbing for instance.

Making proper traps against the infected would also be a great idea in order to slow down or even halt a horde on its tracks.

Better crafting and mods

The crafting should also have new stuff to do in the sequel like modifying items that add new skills. The modifications should not be too unrealistic, and it should be grounded on realistic possibilities like a machine gun with a grenade launcher or flame thrower below the barrel.

Defend the shelter, maybe?

From the trailer alone, the possibility of Ellie going on a solo journey is high, but I would also like to see a feature where they defend a shelter against the infected or raiders. The multiplayer feature might have this possibility though, but the chance to have it on single player is slim in my opinion.

New game plus with higher difficulty

Another feature I want to see in “The Last Of Us 2” is the possibility of having a new game plus feature. Players could retain skills, weapons, and items from a previous save and use it on another run. They can also have the option of choosing a higher difficulty to make it more challenging.

The higher difficulty should have lesser items as well. The awareness of the infected would be higher, which will make it more terrifying and challenging at the same time, but it should not be impossible to do.

Check out "The Last of Us 2" Teaser Trailer here: