Practically since former-President Obama took office, he has been a target of the Republican Party. At the earliest, one can recall Senator Mitch McConnell saying that is party was going to make sure Obama was a one-term president. At the same time, the anger from the Tea Party was on full display and threatened to turn national politics on its head. As a result, Donald Trump winning the election was a continuation of that animosity. But the animosity continues still with President Trump taking to Twitter to attack the former President whenever he sees people making comparisons between his presidency and that of Obama.

Obama warned him about North Korea

One unverified Twitter account that posts its own polls got the attention of President Trump on Obama's birthday August 4, which put Trump as a better commander-in-chief than Obama at 61 percent. One article by CNN titled: "200 days in: Obama still on Trump's mind", makes note of the retweet of the poll. But it also points out that Trump has broken with the tradition of consulting with former presidents to solve current problems. Even though it has only been seven months since Donald Trump has been in office, he has already horrified the world with his threats of war against a dangerous nuclear power like North Korea.

The article points out that during the same week that Trump had won the election, Obama spoke to him on the phone saying that North Korea would be the most difficult issue for him to deal with as President. The CNN article also said that Donald Trump preferred that they discuss the matter in a shared limo ride from the White House to the Capitol on Inauguration Day.

The article said that that was the last time they had both talked. What it didn't point out, however, is when Trump told Bill O'Reilly on Fox News that he recalled the conversation with the former President that he expressed his surprise at who he was warned about.

Leading by threats

This would make it seem that Trump was receptive to advise despite the fact that the CNN article appears to suggest that Trump has not reached out to the former President for assistance which is in fact true.

And there is no reason to believe that with his threats of war that he is interested in any advice that would suggest diplomacy. The President also retweeted one tweet by John Bolton who blamed Obama for leaving the country and civilians "vulnerable" for not doing anything about America's missile defense.But nothing has really changed with North Korea.

This week the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) which is another name for the North Korean regime, decided that instead of launching missiles to Guam as they threatened, they would watch and see what the "foolish Yankees" do.

This is hardly a win for the Trump administration as there is no chance that the DPRK is going to give up their nuclear weapons or that the Trump administration knows how to make deals. But since it's clear that President Trump despises Obama so much, there's also no chance that he's going to call him and ask for ideas. But this also applies to other administrations. The anger that Trump has against the former president is generally centered around jokes the former President made about him during the White House correspondents dinner in 2011.