Donald is leaving. When that happens, after great fanfare, there will be a celebration. Until we realize that we have only rid ourselves of the tip of an iceberg that includes the entire system that is being constructed, largely unreported, by the GOP. trump is a problem but he is not the problem. The market will fall whether Trump is around or not.

Trump does have a plan

It's not that Trump has no plan. It is just not the GOP's plan. It is the alt-right plan that he and Steve Bannon still believe in. It is a spectrum. At one end is the dregs of Nazi idiocy and nativism and kill the Muslims.

At the other end is kill all establishments. His agenda as suggested accomplishes some of that but the GOP won't have it and it is anathema to Democrats too.

When Trump is nursing his wounds after resigning, he will have no doubt whatsoever that he had a plan and he will blame the media for not understanding it.

The GOP and Trump are (mostly) on the same page

Impeachment is already in the air and it is not just the resistance. It is Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. They will take Pence over Trump in a heartbeat. It is all cosmetic. It is the GOP that is willing to savage Obamacare. It is the GOP that confirmed Gorsuch.

And the GOP unites with many Democrats in being perfectly OK with whatever we want to do with immigrants.

America is not admirable in many respects

Yes, it would be lovely to blame it all on Trump and believe that we have just discovered he has no plan. But this is the most predictable denouement in recent history. Trump's plan was anti-GOP and he was too dumb to play a winning game.

Rather, his love of wealth was in direct conflict with decapitating establishments.

Race is and is not the issue

Race would be the issue if we actually cared about the incredible structural reforms that would begin to repair the damage our common national racism does. When we dismantle our colonial prison system and end our economic polarization which savages the poor, we can talk about how tolerant we are.

The current conversation may salve consciences .but it is a hypocritical joke.

The vakues underlying everything are justice and love and non-idolatry. These are the universal ultimates we must satisfy to achieve a better way of life.We are idolatrous when we value anyone above anyone else.We are unjust when fairness becomes optional. Love is a mockery if not directed to all.

Donald will resign under threat of impeachment

It will be over when Mueller comes down with indictments and Trump must either see his son and son-in-law in prison or pardon them. Impeachment will finally become OK. Trump resigns. And the GOP will once again escape justice and trample love and hold on to those stocks. Because they believe they will rise again.