Game developer Firaxis recently revealed a new character trailer for their upcoming expansion video game “Xcom 2: War of the Chosen.” The video featured one of the resistance factions, The Templar.

Three new resistance factions

In the upcoming expansion of the popular tactical video gameXCOM 2,” there will be three new resistance factions that the players will meet. One of the newest factions is the Templar, which are known to keep to their own, and they have dedicated to push their minds and bodies with the help of their psionic energy. They want to surpass the normal capabilities of humanity and become its saviors.

Geist, leader of the psionic Templars

This new faction is led by one of the original psionic soldiers in the previous game, Geist, and directs his men in the battles against the alien threat. He stayed away from the devious ADVENT and the city centers that they built around the world after surviving the defeat and fall of the XCOM Project in “XCOM: Enemy Unknown.”

The psionic group’s purpose

While this psionic group hid away from the world, they developed a religion that focused on collecting psionic energy. They made some experiments on their own bodies and also created weapons that would use their psionic energies for their own purposes. Now that ADVENT and the Chosen Warlock are trying to sap out psionic energy across the world, they are now preparing to make their attack with or without the help of the new XCOM team.

Weapons and preferred combat style

The Templar resistance faction in “XCOM 2: War of the Chosen” can use the Autopistols in combat, but they are usually the melee types that use their psionic blades. They are the front-line fighters in a battle, and they can use other abilities that use their psionic abilities and area-effect skills.

These psionic units have the ability to use the Focus, which is their combat feature that will build over the course of the current battle they are in. When they gain enough Focus, it will enable them to increase their damage and mobility in a fight, which will make them a powerhouse of an assassin. They can either use the focus to unleash more powerful attacks, or they could just maintain it throughout the mission so he or she could be effective in a fight.

Skills to learn

The Templar units have the default skill called Volt, which is a psionic attack that can be chained to other enemies near them at higher levels. When they get more experience, they will have the ability called the Ionic Storm, which is a wave of lightning that can be used in a group of enemies nearby. They can also learn the Pillar skill, which can be used as a cover, and the Exchange skill that allows them to exchange with other XCOM soldiers on the map.

Release date and platforms

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen” will be available on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the PC through Steam. Interested buyers can get the upcoming expansion on Aug. 28.

Check out the “XCOM 2: War of the Chosen” Inside Look: The Templar video below.