There was a time when Christian pastors talked about sin and hell. They were concerned with where people would spend eternity. Today that is changing rapidly. Increasingly pastors are becoming life coaches and mentors. Instead of leading people to Christ they tell you how much you need them to tell you what to do in life. Many believers in Christ are wondering who is going to preach the gospel with so many pastors going secular.

The divide between the secular and the spiritual

A non-Christian can become a life coach or a mentor. They can also be a counselor, physical fitness trainer, or heath and wellness advocate.

These issues pertain to the life one is living now on this earth. The Gospel Of Jesus is supposed to be about preparing oneself for the afterlife. Only those who believe Christ rose from the dead are considered as Christian and would be the only ones to share His gospel. In this day and age, the church is rapidly changing.

Increasingly, today pastors are crossing the line between the secular and the spiritual. They are attempting to become all things to all people. Men and women who have been licensed and ordained for Christian ministry are adding tags to their resume by becoming life coaches and mentors. Gone are the days when Billy Graham had one message which was repent and be baptized. This message let people know what he believed.

Today pastors have become marriage counselors and financial advisors. And the gospel of Jesus is getting lost in the shuffle.

Modern day pastors and those who follow them are fulfilling Jeremiah 5:31

Jeremiah 5:31 says in the Holman Christian Bible: "The prophets prophesy falsely and the priests rule by their own authority. My people love it like this but what will you do in the end of it?" Today we have Christians who enjoy the feel-good message of Joel Osteen that is devoid of mention of sin and hell.

Those who say they follow Christ will argue that they need a T.D. Jakes or Creflo Dollar who promises health and wealth. Believers love for John Gray to talk about their sex lives rather than their spiritual ones. Rather than read the Bible themselves many need someone to coach them.

Christians today want pastors to tell them how to live healthy and wealthy in this life and how to have the best marriage.

Any secular professional could do the same. People desire men and women of the cloth to stray from the straight and narrow path to feed their flesh rather than their souls. Yes, they love it this way and argue when you bring up a Billy Graham whose message never wavered. Whether the masses agreed or disagreed Bily Graham stayed on target. Younger pastors are following the lead of those like Joel Osteen who preach a different gospel than the one in the bible.