Joel Osteen's pop-sugar feel-good gospel message continues to be proven false. It's unfortunate that more people are not seeing it. This is especially true when it comes to wedded bliss. Osteen and his wife Victoria were both born into middle-class families. Neither of them has ever had to deal with poverty. This is why their advice on how to have a Happy marriage does not work for those who cannot afford it.

Life issues can prevent couples from having a happy marriage

The Osteens, like many others who address marital issues, always have tips that are out of reach for many married couples.

What they suggest only works if you can afford it. If however you don't have food in your refrigerator and your car is out of commission there is no point in thinking about going out to eat or taking a drive in the country. When you cannot sleep at night because your mattress is lumpy, or there is no air conditioning in hot weather you may not wake up in the best of moods. Therefore your first thought of the day may not be to do something romantic for your spouse.

A lack of money can cause couples to not have the choice for a getaway or nice gift for a birthday anniversary or holiday. You cannot choose to go to the movies or have a date night if there is no money.Joel Osteen is a popular preacher because he comes across as a life coach.

He and Victoria make a cute couple so people like to look at them. The gospel they preach, as well as their tips for a happy marriage, only benefits those who have the money to obey their commands.

The Osteens need another line of work

Joel and Victoria really should consider another line of work. They preach a gospel of prosperity which is not in the Bible.

They promise a happy marriage if you listen to them but one of their closest friends and a member of their church Israel Houghton dissolved a 20-year marriage a few years back. Both their gospel brand and marital advice is being proven false if you pay attention. It's really a shame that more people are not catching on.

The gospel is supposed to be about believing Jesus rose from the dead.

Every married couple has to work through their own problems together or not. No one can tell anyone else how to achieve wedded bliss because each husband and wife must deal with their own personal set of circumstances. Today we have a culture that believes there are quick fixes for everything including marriage. Jole and Victoria Osteen have the look that draws attention. People listen to them and do not see that this cutie pie couple is not giving sound advice regarding the Bible or marriage.