What a lot of people fail to see is that the constant media lynching of Donald Trump is incredibly counterproductive. Everyone is falling for the master persuader's game, without even knowing they're doing so. The more demonized he is, the more popular he becomes. Ever since Trump announced his candidacy, a large part of the public seemed to think he was "literally Hitler", but he is not. He is what the American public and the American law allow him to be.

What's the catch?

The United States government has, gradually and over the years, transformed the country into an Orwellian state.

The government has, under the pretense of "fighting terrorism" passed laws that directly invade the privacy and therefore reduce the freedom of American citizens. Russia and North Korea are an example of what the United States could one day become if things keep going the way they currently are.

What makes the United States different to the above-mentioned countries is the fact that this country is run by corporations. Money is the only ideology. And while American citizens like to think that they're free, their freedoms are gradually being taken away, one by one. Mass surveillance is what history might remember Barrack Obama by. However, Obama only continued the trend George W. Bush had started and he based a lot of his own policies on Bill Clinton's.

What's the difference then?

Who's the real dictator?

Dictatorship is, by definition: "A form of government in which a country or a group of countries is ruled by one person (a dictator) or by a polity, and power is exercised through various mechanisms in order to ensure that the entity's power remains strong".

Bill Clinton was not a dictator, George Bush was not a dictator, Barrack Obama was not a dictator, Donald Trump isn't a dictator and the next POTUS will not be a dictator.

Why? Because the United States is ruled by a polity -- a group of people. Or rather, an entity. An entity consisting of corporations. It's all about money.

This is why pointing fingers at Donald Trump, who is nothing but a marionette of the ruling polity, is counterproductive, irresponsible and wrong. The man has demonstrated his flaws, countless times, but he is not the problem or the root cause of the problem.

He is merely a manifestation of it and calling him a dictator is hypocritical, ignorant and, most probably, motivated by personal biases and political affiliations. In short, calling Trump a dictator is nothing but lazy journalism.