trump is the only person that matters in the White House drama that's unfolding. Everyone matters of course, but in terms of the drama, his predictable behavior will not succumb to any counterforce. Chief of Staff Kelly is one of the unfortunate good guys who will soon realize that running the president's staff is not going to solve anything.

The author of chaos says calm prevails?

As the article embedded below, which was published today despite its "old news" headline, says, Kelly has a history. That history includes this leaked intelligence. Kelly apparently almost resigned when Comey was fired.

Nothing wrong with that. There are many who wonder why there was not more outcry.

If this leaked revelation can find its way into this story, it will find its way to Donald Trump and will go on his mental list of demerits. Trump wants leaks stopped so he can talk freely and we won't hear it all. I doubt very much if Kelly will relish doing damage control by menacing Trump's already diminished and fearful staff. We have a little court of loyalists and family. Everyone else in the West Wing is part of an endangered species.

It will not be a pleasant place to work Kelly will be at the epicenter of national bile.

He will not like what he hears. It is a matter of time who acts first, Trump to fire him or him to leave. Kelly is said to favor the Trump approach or agenda, whatever you wish to call it. That did not help Mooch. Or Reince.

The coming budget battle

Trump is at the edge of failing for the third or fourth time with Congress. This time it is his budget that is at issue.

This will be touted as a huge chance for the man who made health care an ongoing train wreck to prove his incompetence to the business and corporate community. If that community wakes up to the fragility of the market in the face of perceived real weakness we could see an odd exhibition of democracy.

If healthcare is prelude

If Trump's disastrous participation in the healthcare fiasco, which is continuing, is a prelude, the budget battles can be readily predicted.

They will involve a look at the fallacy of Trump's belief that we can somehow achieve a three percent plus growth rate. He is dreaming of a very distant past. Today's capitalism is a picture of caution and unwillingness to commit to anything but the march of cyber-reality.

Trump is on a failure trajectory

Trump wants to take much that is essential to do things like medical research and help people get a leg up and give it to a bloated military that does not need more than $50 billion cut from the rest of government. For all his talk of a tax cut, it will mainly be for those who have the least need. What Trump sends back to the middle class will be a chimera compared to the robbery that has already been guaranteed by his health shenanigans.

The chances of Kelly sitting through this dismal summer and even worse fall are at best 50-50. and at those odds, I would bet no.