In its fourth of the series of revelation, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has released Bin Laden’s belongings seized from Abbottabad, Pakistan, in 2011 comprising of 18,000 documents, 79,000 audio records and images and more than 10,000 videos. The only thing in all these documents, highlighted in media, is the wedding clip of Bin Laden’s son Hamza as it was filmed in Iran. Recently, Hamza Bin Laden released an audio message threatening the US and Saudi Arabia. The forth release from CIA is centric on the murky relations between Al-Qaeda and Iran.

In his tweet, Iranian Foreign Minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, has dismissed the allegation saying that the US is trying to whitewash its ally’s role in 9/11. He was indicating Saudi Arabia as 15 out of 19 hijackers were Saudi nationals. Mr. Zarif termed the CIA’s release as fake and declassified.

The timing of the revelation

It’s a good time to release the documents of Bin Laden as Iran is trying to clear a nuclear deal. As of today, Donald Trump is the only hindrance, while Russia, France, and Britain have already given their support for the deal. The CIA’s release will definitely put pressures on supporting countries. Another ally of the US, Israel, has released its statement. “A nuclear Iran is more dangerous than North Korea.” The CIA’s release followed by the statement from Netanyahu declare the US intentions on the deal.

The US and its agencies created Al-Qaeda

Rejecting any link with Al-Qaeda, Iranian News agencies have claimed that Al-Qaeda was formed and reinforced by the US to fight against the Soviet Union. Referring to an interview with former US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, with Fox News in 2010, Iranian media has claimed Al-Qaeda was first established by the US.

The radical Wahabi Islam was fruitful at that time when the US was struggling with the Soviet Union and became the biggest enemy of the nation at the time of the 9/11 attack.

Clear message to America

The message from CIA’s release is very clear. America is going to animate Al-Qaeda, and this time in Iran, as ISIS is fighting its last battles in the Gulf region.

Last week, Ex-US Senator Larry Pressler said, “Pakistan is more dangerous than North Korea.” Netanyahu’s recent claim that nuclear Iran is more dangerous than North Korea means, now, North Korea is not dangerous for the US. If North Korea is not dangerous then it is an alarming time for Iran in the Gulf and Pakistan in South Asia.