It looks like Hillary Clinton is going to Wisconsin after all, over a year after it would have done her some good during the 2016 presidential election. Instead of votes, Clinton is going after book sales. She will be hawking “What Happened?” her litany of excuses as to why she is not in the oval office and Donald Trump not back at the penthouse in the Trump Tower, fuming. She is to offer some insights (i.e., lies and accusations) about the 2016 presidential campaign, why she lost, and why America is the poorer for it at the Riverside Theater in downtown Milwaukee Nov.


Trump broke the rules

Clinton’s first excuse is that Trump broke the rules of politics, which is a strange way of saying that he out campaigned her. He went to the blue states and took several away from the Democrats, some for the first time in decades. Trump’s campaign was a classic of how one wins a nationwide election, just as Hillary’s was of how one loses.

Of course, she plays the woman card

Hillary Clinton will also play the woman card, blaming sexism for her defeat. In this way, she proves that she doesn’t get why she was beaten. Americans do not loath the idea of a woman in the White House. They do loath the thought of Hillary Clinton ever getting near the levers of power ever again.

Besides, as Hot Air notes, how does one explain why the Clintonistas put a shiv in Bernie Sanders?

What about the Russians?

The Russian collusion angle has already become old news. Most of the media have moved on. It should be noted that the Clintons did their share of collusion with Putin, selling uranium rights and then taking half a million for a speech at a Russian bank that was involved in the sale.

The difference was that the Clintons were in it for the money.

The bottom line on Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton reaches the end of her life deprived of the one thing she craved more than anything, the presidency of the United States. The position is something that she is not suited for, not in experience, temperament, or even likability.

Americans may not need to like their presidents, but they at least like to respect them. No one respects Hillary Clinton, not even her husband of over 40 years. She was seen, at best, as the vessel of the ambitions of other. That quality proved to be insufficient to propel her into the Oval Office. That lesson was driven home twice. As long as she fails to realize this she will not only be a loser but a pathetic one.