An unquiet ghost is haunting the Democratic Party, according to Al Hunt of Bloomberg. Her name is Hillary Clinton, who is coming out with a book called “What Happened” which will be her perspective on the 2016 election. Democrats wish Clinton would not publish her book. Indeed, they wish she would go away entirely. One suggestion has been seriously floated that the twice defeated presidential candidate moves out of the country, at least for a “couple of years.”

The biggest embarrassment of the Democratic Party

That Democrats wish that Hillary Clinton crawl away somewhere is understandable.

She was the great hope to be the first female president of the United States. She had been touted as the most intelligent woman in the world, experienced as a senator and as a secretary of state. Qualities of compassion and empathy and strength were ascribed to her. Yet she lost the election to someone like Donald Trump, who many then and now regard as a national disgrace.

Worse, Clinton is going to try to explain away why she was beaten and by all accounts the account will not contain any introspection. External forces will be trotted out to explain why Hillary Clinton lost, including the Russians, James Comey, the sexism of the deplorable American people, and so on.

Democrats in their hearts know the truth.

Hillary Clinton is pretty dim, having failed at every endeavor she ever undertook, besides raking in money by selling her office. As for compassion and empathy, the gentle reader is invited to google the name of Kathy Shelton as a start to disabuse that notion. The embarrassment that Democrats feel are as much for themselves as for her for deceiving themselves about the glory and the awesomeness of Hillary Clinton.

Compared unfavorably to Al Gore

Things are really bad when one is compared unfavorably to Al Gore. Gore, like Clinton, nurses bitterness about losing an election he believed he should have won. However, he kept his mouth shut about it, for the most party, and channeled his disappointment into becoming the mad prophet of climate change.

Gore got the consolation prizes of an Academy Award and a Nobel Prize, not to mention many hundreds of millions of dollars, for taking up a new cause.

The clear implication is that Clinton should leave 2016 behind her and take up a cause of her own, say advocacy of victims of rape and sexual assault if she can summon up sufficient shamelessness. Maybe she can get a Nobel Prize as well before she shuffles off to face the ultimate judge. The award has gone to less deserving people. Just ask the ghost of Yasser Arafat.