Floyd Mayweather proved himself to be victorious, as he defeated Conor McGregor on Sunday. It was perhaps the most anticipated fight of the decade. There were many who joined the boxer in his success but none could sizzle it up the way his ex, Abigail Clarke did. The former “Towie” actor posted a throwback picture of them on Instagram with the caption, “50-0.” The picture reveals the model, cuddling up to the champion in a sexy black bikini. This picture is believed to be taken during the time the couple was still in a relationship.

Conor vs Mayweather: The fight of the century

According to a report by The Daily Mail, Floyd Mayweather defeated Conor McGregor at the ultimate fight in Las Vegas, thereby maintaining his undefeated streak which now sits at 50-0. The event managed to bring Mayweather a lot of popularity, given the hype surrounding the match. Abigail Clarke, who is the daughter of a priest, first met Mayweather in Vegas last year. When they initially began dating, Clarke admitted that Mayweather was the reason why she was even able to move on from her breakup with ex, Rob Davies.

Things, as reported by The Sun, got pretty serious between the two as Mayweather even introduced Clarke to his family. Abigail Clarke was quick to gain immense popularity after, “The Only Way Is Essex,” released back in 2013.

She wasn’t present at the Las Vegas fight with McGregor. With the effort to make up for her absence, she took to the social media platform to share this skimpy picture.

Floyd Mayweather enjoying a huge success

Floyd Mayweather is worth roughly $380 million at the moment. He enjoys a reputation of being the champion as far as boxing is concerned.

However, fans have been disappointed by his reports of visiting strip clubs and inviting dancers to his parties. As far as Abigail is concerned, she currently has roughly 72K followers on Instagram. Her last post was captured in Marbella, wherein the star can be seen sitting beside one of Floyd’s boxing rings. Majority of the reports suggest that the two have called it quits.

However, given the recent public display of attention, something else might be cooking. There are also chances that Clarke would want to be a good ex-girlfriend and praise Mayweather during his time of joy. Conor McGregor was severely criticized for losing to Mayweather, as he was known to give big talks right before the match. At least he lasted 10 rounds before falling in defeat.