People continue to lose their minds as a result of the election of Donald Trump as president of the United States, from college students rioting in the streets to a Texas mom who literally threw her young son out of the house for voting for the Republican in a mock school election. According to the American Spectator, the first person to have a meltdown over the Trump election was Hillary Clinton herself.

Clinton was depicted as screaming obscenities, pounding on the furniture, and throwing objects at anyone unlucky enough to be in the room with her.

She had to be physically restrained at one point, and it took hours to calm her down. The fact that Clinton was not in a fit state to be seen in public was the reason that John Podesta came out to tell the Clinton supporters, who thought that they were there to celebrate the election of the first woman president, that it was all over and time to go home.

Clinton watchers have been aware for decades of Hillary’s capacity for rage. She is known to curse out in a manner to shock sailors anyone who displeases her, including Secret Service agents and even her husband, whom she once gave a black eye and threw a lamp at. During the Clinton administration, Hillary Clinton was greatly feared by the White House staff and few dared to make eye contact when encountering her in the halls.

Some sympathy is due to Clinton, who has now lost the presidency twice. Her entire life, which includes the commissions of crimes great and small and the suffering of a host of humiliations, was bent toward the winning of the presidency. Now all of that has come to naught. Hillary Clinton’s entire life has been a waste.

Apparently, after the initial rage passed, Clinton went into an uncontrolled and prolonged crying jag.

One friend whom she called the next morning at first did not understand what Clinton was saying because she was weeping so.

The spectacle could be a little sad if Clinton was not such an unlikeable person. Only a devoutly religious person, who is taught to love their enemies and pray for the unrighteous, will likely feel bad for the twice-failed candidate. The rest of humanity will enjoy schadenfreude at her expense.