Felicia has been a popular character on "General Hospital" since the 1980's when she first met Frisco Jones. Lately, however, the writers do not seem to know what to do with her, and her current husband Mac Scorpio. They have been reduced to recurring status, and are given ridiculous story lines that are not fitting for their characters.

Mac and Felicia caught in the act

On Wednesday's episode of GH, Aunt Stella was walking through the park, when she happened upon Mac and Felicia in the act of love making. Stella was outraged and wanted to press charges but officer Valerie Spencer called Detective Nathan West, who allowed his in-laws to go in peace.

Felicia tried to excuse being caught in the act by saying that she and her spouse had been married a while and needed to spice things up.

If Julian and Alexis had been the couple enjoying themselves in the great outdoors, it would have been par for the course because they are always hot and heavy for each other. Julexis is a fan favorite, and age is irrelevant. To write this scene for Mac and Felicia just was not right. And to excuse it by saying they have been married a long time and need to spice things up should be considered as age-related discrimination. To make the assumption that long married couples need to do something out of character to keep things interesting is insulting. Shame on "General Hospital," for treating this beloved couple like second class citizens.

Mac and Felicia need to be celebrated and not tolerated

Luke and Tracy were an older couple who had many romantic encounters as part of their story line, just like Julexis. So the issue is not so much age as it is Mac and Felicia. It seems this couple is being tolerated, rather than celebrated. They are off screen for extended periods of time, and when they return they are always on the periphery.

This couple needs a plot where they are front and center. There has not been one since the 2015 "General Hospital" Nurses Ball when Felicia had to choose between Mac and her ex-husband Frisco Jones.

It is time for Mac and Felicia to step away from the sidelines. There are many interesting ways they can be relevant to in Port Charles.

To use them as a punch line by giving them material not worthy of their stature is very disrespectful. Mac and Felicia do not need to be having sex in the bushes. They should be making love on a regular basis just like other couples on GH. The Scorpio's don't have to throw each other against a wall, pull hair, or rip each other's clothes off like Julian and Alexis, but by now they should have their own style. Come on "General Hospital" do the right thing and show Mac and Felicia some respect. They need to do more than worry about Maxie.