Elliott should know how suspended he is by Monday, and the mediator in the case -- Harold Henderson -- has been told that he must have this done by Monday. Suspending Elliott by Monday would mean that the NFL can get this out of the way before they play real games. They do not want to talk about Elliott when they are playing over the weekend, and it is much easier for someone on the Cowboys to avoid the question because it will be done by the time the game comes around. We will not have much to talk about, and we will avoid talking about it as the season starts.

Will it be six?

I believe that he will be suspended six games because the NFL is afraid of looking even more stupid than they already look. They have come off looking dumb more than once by suspending guys for the wrong amount of time. I hate the idea that we would go back over this when it is clear that everyone believes something happened even though Elliott was not charged. I would much prefer to leave the suspension as it is so that Elliott can see that this is a lot more serious than he thought. He was not even in the NFL when this happened, but he is getting suspended for it because it must have been pretty bad when the NFL looked into it.

What about the Cowboys?

They will lose at least one game because they do not have his production, and they could lose another for the same reason.

I find it impossible to believe that Elliott will be able to make any headway with the league, and that means the Cowboys have to win six games without their quarterback and running back tandem on the field together. Dak Prescott did all that work getting better, and now he has to work things out without Elliott. I imagine that they have already talked about this, and that is the person who is owed an apology.

The victim in the case deserves justice, but Prescott needs a heartfelt apology. How can you count on someone who does dumb things like this all the time?

Can the Cowboys win the East?

Yes they can, but they have to hope that Eric Flowers will be awful in New York, and they have to hope that Eli Manning takes a beating all seaon because his offensive line is terrible.

Conversely, the offensive line in Dallas is amazing, and it is so good that I could throw for 4000 yards this season. So, the team has their money invested in the right places. They have made smart choices, and they could weather this storm long enough for Elliott to get back. Zeke, stop being an idiot for just a little while, please.