The Houston Texans are now the Houston Clemsons. They have given Deandre Hopkins a massive $81 million extension, and they have Deshaun Watson ready to start. They have turned to two boys from Clemson and begged them to lead their team. I find this funny only because Bill O'Brien passed on Christian Hackenburg -- whom he recruited to Penn State. Now, he has Clemson guys, and the team has a future.

Why does this matter?

The Texans now have a direction. They have shown that this is what they want to do, and they are going to press on in that direction without another thought.

They have given their quarterback job to Deshaun Watson no matter how it may look, and they have given him a weapon that is signed for a lot of money for a long time. The Houston Texans now have a path that Bill O'Brien must deliver on as soon as possible. He has been there long enough to have pressure on him, and now he has every weapon he could ever want.

They understand each other

Two guys who played at the same school for the same guy likely understand each other very well, and there is a connection there that cannot be broken. Here is a Clemson factor in Houston that could be used to ensure the team can pick up more players, and they may begin to stockpile more talent simply because their two flashy offensive pieces are so connected by their alma mater.

What do I expect?

I expect these two to score a lot of touchdowns, and I expect to see many yards after the fact. I expect to see these two guys come together on amazing plays, and I expect to see them do things that this franchise has never seen. If they cannot do that, this is all for naught. I really want to believe that the Texans can be relevant because that would put the pressure on the Colts and Titans to get it together.

I can imagine the Texans getting better than the Colts fast, and I think it would be funny to see them surge with this offense. The offense could knock people down without any problems, and it could cause problems for people in the division who thought they could get around them.

This is a longtime partnership

The Texans have put together two players who will be amazing together, and they will provide the team with amazing results that will help them score points.

Their defense will put the offense back on the field more often, and they could score over 30 points a game with ease. I do not know if it will happen right away, but I think that it will happen. I have images of Marino, Clayton, and Duper in Miami. This is how it feels, and I hope I am right.