Donald Trump is, according to Mike Allen of Axios, in the hands of a babysitting pool. This is his supposition AKA theory this morning. Mike Allen is committed, it seems, to dreaming that Trump can be saved. What he seems not to see is that in a triadic world Trump is the last binary standing. He is locked in an all or nothing battle to save, well, Trump. Yes, Trump is good. Everything else is bad.

Messianism rampant

Only people who love Trump are saved. Christians tried this approach by substituting an exclusive creed in place of a way of life all should honor.

It led to a century's long bloodbath and a global descent into fundamentalist nativism.

This will not work, any more than General Kelly can stop Trump from issuing escalating threats which are the equivalent of throwing lit matches into a powder keg. Trump does not care who goes as long as he stays on top.

A fantasy rescue

Unfortunately, in the present situation, the only group needed is made up of people who understand exactly what Trump is and what he wants. It is made up of those actively resisting him. The article above is a pipe dream.

Democrats in the wings

We have not assumed that the Democrats are much more than a disparate alliance of the discouraged.

But Mr. Edsall in the timely op-ed below offers a plausible scenario which is rational, even triadic.

Donald Trump is not even up to being a godfather of anything. Most of his core relationships are in shreds.

He will end up where he has always been -- alone in the prison of self with a belief only in what has gotten him through forever. Himself.

This End Game series concludes, hopefully in October, with Trump's departure for the prison of his very own Tower and related properties or with us subject to a dictator.

Relativity is the future

The premise of End Game is that we are at the end of the binary era, moving toward the world that actually is beyond good and evil, in the sense that nothing can be perfect. We agree to negotiate, to confess fallibility, to embrace universality and togetherness. All the things Trump hates. We are at the baby-step beginning of the triadic era.

The faulty Nixon comparison

I have the mixed blessing of having known Nixon. There is no comparison. There is a suggestion that Nixon employed fakery. He did. But Nixon did not assume as Trump does that he is a god. Nixon was not above the law. Nixon was the paradigm for how democracy should work. Trump is trying to be the paradigm for how a dictator seizes power.

Trump borrows nothing except endless billions because money, he surmises, is speech. If he says he was just playing yesterday he will say it. His base may love the duplicity. But the truth is always Trump and survival.