Sebastian Gorka is a Trump favorite if anyone can qualify. You may remember his bosom buddy Roy Cohn. Trump cut him off when he learned he was dying from AIDS. For all I know, he may have once said something nice about Reince Priebus. Gorka is in the West Wing group and is a smooth liar. His skills are doubtless the reason for Trump's infatuation. I shall illustrate the truth behind the following nasty tweet.

The Nazi reference is to Gorka's Hungarian regalia.

The debunking refers to the Charleston shooter who was emphatically and clearly allied with no established Islamic terror group, but with garden variety American white supremacist thought. This is so elementary that we must credit Gorka with the same quality his master Trump possesses in abundance.

Dictatorial staffing

Gorka can lie with impunity and manipulate his questioners and appear to win when he is engaged in the worst of deceptions. If anyone needs evidence that Trump is engaged in surrounding himself with a staff worthy of a dictator, look no further than Gorka.

Trump's polished lying

Here is a fresh Trump vacation tweet. Narcissism never sleeps.

Trump has gotten halfway to full-dictator status by sending unconstitutional edicts into the court system and defying the verdicts with the actions of his ICE war on immigrants.

He has signed the nuclear option confirmation of Gorsuch which ensures an antediluvian Supreme court for the foreseeable future. Beyond that, he has savaged the environment and health system and passed nothing of note.

Do not believe Trump "news".

End Game continues

Trump's doom or our doom is the subject of this exploration. If we win, Trump will be gone in October around the time we hit 230 of these articles.

If we lose the half-dictator we have now will have overcome the law and set himself above it. We will have made America a sad replica of what it once sought to be

Today's Trump excrescence

We have laid out Trump's childish rant against North Korea, an unprecedented threat that evokes W's shock and awe. As usual, this will merely go on the pile which overflows the dumpster that contains all past Trump insults, lies, exaggerations, and slurs.

When Trump is done in it will be because the GOP has finally woke to the liability that he is. If the GOP remains asleep, the elections of 2018 may be too late to do much about a man who will have won the End Game.

Sense on North Korea

The least I can do is share some sense on North Korea and remind readers that according to this corner of the universe. the End Game will be complete in October, win or lose.