The psychological effect of having an unqualified, unpredictable and inexperienced leader at the helm is deeply disturbing to many. I am speaking of Donald Trump as a potent source of angst. The only people I can imagine causing more are actors playing the role of maniacal presidents. Donald Trump is an actor and he has been given the keys to the dominant stage on the planet at a climactic moment in history.

Why so climactic?

The reason why history is at a turning point is that we are at an end and a beginning. We are at the end of religion and the beginning of universal spirituality.

We are at the end of work as it has been known and understood. Work in the future will be a privilege and people will become their own businesses. We are at the end of binary thinking and at the start of the spread of triadic thought.

We are witnessing the death of an old, conflicted and dangerous world and the birth of a more reasonable, accepting and democratic planet.

Why Trump?

Trump is like a purge, a chance to show how silly his thinking is, a chance to say goodbye to the world he represents. Trump underlines our need to create a new world, a new design for living, a way of life based on continuity, fallibility, and experiment. To coin a phrase based on "Madame Secretary" Trump helps us to see that we need not merely to think outside the box but to get rid of the box entirely.

Here are the three triggers for the thrust of these thoughts.

Move past nukes

This deepens the argument. We need to move entirely past nukes. This is not a political program. It is a universal goal toward which we move by mutual consent.

Trump's temptation

We treat Trump like a wayward child for a good reason. He just might be tempted to go nuclear because of his hapless domestic agenda.

THis is one of the reasons he should be removed from office. I have hopes that the Mueller investigation will achieve that, but my main hope is that the GOP Congress will stop being hypnotized and do the job via the 35th Amendment, Article Four.

Vicious circle syndrome

The final danger is that because Trump is so unbalanced criticism of him can be a definite incitement to crazy responses. This could be an impulse to go to war. It certainly seems to motivate his actions that explicitly savage Obama's legacy.

Is there a reason for us to sit back and just allow Trump, day after day, to attack the foundations of our democracy? I say no. We are trying to make the GOP sane again. If we cannot do that we should see ourselves as failures. If we succeed we will be the victors.