The second End Game on this Thursday begins with a simple confirmation in case anyone thinks that trump thought about what he was saying when he verbally escalated the possibility of an actual confrontation with North Korea. First the facts and then the reason why.

The reason why Trump wrote the escalating words is that the very thought that leadership involves consultation is anathema to a Narcissist.

Only Trump knows what is right. His followers know and accept it. That is why his path to dictatorship is paved with "good Americans". You will see later how true this is.

Explaining the End Game

I have very few readers for this series of posts. One reason is that they are not indexed with any view toward reaching a broad audience. Another is that sharing these posts is very difficult. Such sharing as I have done has not amounted to any appreciable tick in readership. Opposition to Trump is prevalent. Less so is reporting of his step by step progress toward dictatorship.

That is what the End Game is about. I assume that October marks the month in which Trump will either have gained an upper hand that vaults him above the law, which is synonymous with becoming a dictator.

Or he will suffer the consequences of a growing catalog of reasons for getting him out of office.

Trump's path to dictatorship

The complicity of the GOP in the march to dictatorship can be traced to the immigration issue. As one stands on immigration, on freedom of movement, on human choice, one tends to move toward or against Trump's most nefarious purposes.

Here are two tweets that get on the matter.

The alarm is well-taken and it remains to see if the president would underline the intent with an admission elicited by an awakened media.

The reason for the postponement is said to be the time needed to ensure the integrity of the voter rolls. The back story, of course, is the inexorable trend of democracy toward a triadic majority. By that I mean a reasonable, negotiating, humane and value-honoring populace. Everything Trump is not.

Trump is not JFK

Bob Reiner doesn't mince words. I can remember my own sense of confidence when I watched the 1962 crisis unfold. I never had a doubt that we would solve the conundrum. It was a good prelude to the think beyond the box premises of "Madam Secretary".

No one thought of JFK as a pushover. But if he had reacted like Trump he would have been taken away immediately. It simply was not possible.

Once again we end an End Game with more to say. That is why I plan more of these as needed until the hour we either see defeat with Trump in his dictatorial chair or the back of his head as he walks to the final helicopter ride of his presidency.