The mood of the American people is an important element when the question is having a dictatorship or not. Concerned folk should monitor the sentiments of people they know to help remind them that freedom and democracy and decency go together. There are too many signs piling up that suggest the time of trump is a time of wearing down resistance and marginalizing protest. The first item today chills me.

Cruz control?

This is speculative but even as a possibility it frightens.

Cruz is a man who models himself after Joe McCarthy. He played a key role in shutting down the government and cost the nation many billions. Had he won it is a toss up to know who would have been worse, he or Trump.

Killing democracy -- literally

I regard democracy, along with tolerance and helpfulness, as one of the three universal action values. I maintain that when combined as we think of what to do, they lead to progress. They further goodness in the world. The censoring of democracy by the State Department is among the most serious indications that we are entering a totalitarian season in the USA.

It is a sign and warning that we are in spiritual peril.

The founders were willing to die for democracy and we now have a President and a Cabinet that seems hell-bent on destroying it and even obliterating its memory. Disgust seems to me the only appropriate reaction.

FOX and Trump

Judge Jeanine was willing to say that guilt did not matter -- any president under incessant investigation should go.

She meant Hilary. Trump, of course, does not merit the same sort of justice. The following is self-explanatory. Totalitarian TV.

Shady and dangerous

These are the words that go through my head when I think of Paul Manafort.

Then there's Trump Tower

The noose is tightening it seems. These stories accumulate daily. I have already reported a few times regarding the Sater Trump connection. Trump is about to spend three nights in his triplex penthouse there. Perhaps in his lair of choice, he will decide to pack it in while he can still make a deal. Immunity for leaving the White House.

October surprise?

In mid-October, a case looking at Trump's likely violations of the emoluments clause of the U.S. Constitution will come to trial. I see this as an add-on to the current investigations and grand jury actions. We have no idea what will happen in the next two months. It is likely that any legislative matters will fall to shutdown concerns, further extending Trump's failure. Korea will persist as a basic scare, intensified by Trump.

The real October surprise would be the one I have predicted these articles on. We will know if we have an ex-president or a president turned dictator.