The End Game for Trump could be expulsion. He could resign and cut a deal or be impeached or thrown out using the 25th Amendment. On days when Trump seems knocked down one of these options surfaces. Names like Sater and Bedrock become widely known. And we all sigh and say, "There but for the grace of God goes the country". But there is a different ending.

Trump could end up where he nearly is already. He could become a full-blown American dictator.

Three signs of unfolding dictatorship

From the outset, months before this series of End Game articles, it was obvious to many that some of the classic features of Dictatorship were lodged in the personality of Donald Trump.

These voices are less vocal now as their predictions become more relevant. Some still speak out. Those with the courage or foolhardiness to speak the truth are in short supply. We need more voices defending tolerance, helpfulness, and democracy, These are the only words that can defeat him.

Softening has been going on for some time

We have been softened up. We tolerated things during the Obama era which seemed less onerous than what was threatened by George W. Bush. We failed to discipline those who represented a descent into the tolerance of torture. We did little to protest a runaway rush of clear and present inequality. Now we are being stunned. Today three signs below are indicative.

A Yahoo heads the CIA

There will be no toleration of efforts to say that Trump is becoming dictatorial in the office of Mike Pompeo, our Central Casting CIA head. Stanley Kubrick could have made a movie and this man would have equaled Peter Sellars in "Dr. Strangelove".

Read this and ask if we are not looking at a staunch ally of Donald Trump who cares not a whit if those who continue to speak out are waterboarded or otherwise terrorized by the armies of Trump.

Tough talk and hawkish views are a possible prelude to morphing from a free country into a police state based on fear. When the fear is rampant, resistance becomes futile. It is all brute power.

Inequality on steroids makes a perfect storm

This chart is accurate and damning. It illustrates the precise sick direction that Trump wants to maintain despite the damage it is already doing. If you need to see how all of Trump's promises are false when it comes to the middle class and jobs, look at the differential curves.

Finally some chilling reading about Trump's methods for inducing dictatorship

When you see each item here working to strengthen Trump's hold on things, the time to fear will have passed. We have less than three months.