Nice to see you out of your shell on this terrific Thursday Cancer! Welcome to your daily horoscope for Cancer. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson is here to bring you insight from the stars so let’s see how to make the most of your day and how to deal with situations ahead!

What to expect

You’re great at keeping secrets Cancer, and there are definitely lots going around right now for one and all. It may be particularly tough to keep quiet because the secret you want to share is a happy one. Still, you've been sworn to silence, and there's only one thing to do: beg him or her to let you out of your promise, swear that you'll only talk about it with your best friend, and do just that.

Honesty is always the best policy even though it may not always feel that way. Still, speak your mind today, and you'll see results. The stars will give you the gumption to state your thoughts without a fuss and without any kind of personal agenda. Whether you're addressing who gets to lead the latest project at work or telling your sweetie that no, you've never liked coconut cream pie, your needs will be met today when you voice what they are.

It’s time to turn it down a notch with no more getting home at 4 am. Like many others, you can enjoy yourself at home so devote some time to your hobbies and relaxing. If you belong to the third decade, important friendships will also help you to easily attain happiness and success!

Whatever answer you’re seeking, your heart can lead you in the right direction.

If you have been finding that some frustration has arisen among your family members, today is the day to root out the problem from its source. Do not let resentments or anger build up in your home. The moon moving into Aquarius will help settle things down.

It also urges you to look past all misunderstanding that might have cropped up in your relationships and to take a fresh perspective. Take today to ensure that everyone relates to each other in a loving, trusting manner. A fun family reunion would be a great idea to reinforce bonds of trust and get things back on an even keel.

How to get through your day

You’re feeling creative and are eager to put this into motion. Why not head out to the thrift stores, Cancer. Your eye for beauty is keen, and your radar for good deals is sharp. Lady Luck is with you, and you may score some terrific buys. Concentrate on beautiful objects for your home that adorns your life. One person's trash is another's treasure, and you have an uncanny knack for turning such things into masterpieces.

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