It is the end of a news day in New York and most of the news is so discouraging that it might be better to say nothing. Today The President more than justified in one sick outburst his removal from office as unfit to serve. He may be a fraud, a money launderer, and a perjured criminal, but just his outburst today on North Korea should warn his fellow Republicans that we have a madman at the helm. As always, I provide evidence. You be the judge.

Evidence of a madman?

The full trump statement and access to the video are yours with a click.

Fire and fury is code for nuclear Armageddon. Trump is playing tough guy against another child ruler -- North Korea's Kim Jong-un. Watch this carefully and if this appears to be a leader you can live with, good luck. The problem is that in a nuclear confrontation at today's suicidal levels of power, there is nowhere to run.

The only courage we need today is the courage to walk back the entire global nuclear madness. We do not need Trump. He magnifies insecurity with every bilious breath.

This is what set him off

The smartest heads around the world agree on one thing. The problem posed by North Korea has no solution. That does not mean it is insoluble but it does mean that Trump's incendiary language is detrimental and potentially disastrous.

Isn't it odd?

Global warming is advancing with a rapidity that is comparable to the North Korean's advance in nuclear weaponry. Trump will not even look at the environmental problem but he appears to love the idea of shock and awe to the nth power.

Here's another stat to cool Trump's jets

American workers are not panting for the return of manufacturing. In fact, they are leaving voluntarily at twice the rate they are being laid off. They are catching on that America is not going to prosper by going backward. The story is brief, telling, and well worth a few minutes attention.

Manufacturing will return but it will be for building a new world, not an outmoded one. Another Trump premise bites the dust.

Who is the number one leaker?

Hint. His initials are DJT.

The chances are very good that this speculation is not fake news. Read the following.

Note once again that Trump has sucked the oxygen out of the room of the world. Note that he does not care what he says and is willing to bloviate even if it creates a war mentality. Note also that we write very little about what he has done for his base other than stoke hate for Obama and Clinton.

That is because he has done little or nothing but makes promises that he has no intention of keeping. His loyalties such as they are are to the wealthy and the warmongers -- just like every other dictator and dictator in the making.