There is a rationale for these End Game articles. I anticipate 230 of them, each spelling out reasons why trump will either morph into a full-blown dictator or be gone from our lives. The rationale is that he is an objectively evil force. That is the very worst of judgments and Trump's evangelical supporters will say that the one who makes such a judgment should engage in severe self-examination.

Evil is the advocacy and implementation of harm. Power is the multiplier of evil. Trump's power exceeds that of most residents of the planet. Our power is only equal to that needed to remove him from office.

Stating a law

Here is my Law of Trump. I offer it after months of daily attention to the man's actions.

If there is the worse option, Trump will choose it. That's it. And this morning I have one clear example and one that is in the making.

Climate change ineptitude

Any president worth his salt would pay close attention to the virtually unanimous warnings of the science community. But the Law of Trump has been operative with every stroke of the president's pen. He denies the palpably obvious and takes the least cautious route, the most damaging route, the very worst possible route toward disaster.

The only hope

The only hope with Trump is that when he crucifies science and denies health there will be unintended consequences.

The best would be a successful movement to remove him. When I say only I am talking about actual people who are being and will be harmed by Trump decisions and actions. The biggest power Trump presently has beyond war powers is the capacity to deny funding for essential health. A person affected by this cannot wait for an unintended consequence.

The person becomes the consequence.

The proof you don't want to see

It will take a trip to YouTube from Axios to get the sense of what is in the works. If my Law of Trump works we are facing what is aptly described more than once as panic.

The larger picture

The total danger we are in is almost unthinkable. If you were in Katrina or Sandy you have an idea. We are in an era of superstorms which are merely harbingers of climate change that requires growing up on a massive scale. Growing up is not on the president's dance card. Here is today;s draconian addition to the long list of what Trump ignores.

Ignorance s no longer bliss. It is criminal cruelty. When you consider Trump's actual power to do evil, to create harm, to terrorize an entire population we are not in the world of hyperbole and exaggeration. We are talking reality.