The entertainment business is no longer the same as it was when I was growing up. Just a few years ago, people would flock to the movie theaters to see movies, and people had cable and watched television. Now, we are in the age of streaming services, like Netflix, that people watch on their laptops and televisions without any interruption from adds.

In a way, movies and television have been revolutionized. No longer do you have to wait for a certain time slot to see your favorite shows or their re-runs. You don't have to waste time watching shows you don't want to watch, and you most certainly do not have to see advertisements if you don't want to.

While the forerunner of this ideology was Netflix, Disney plans on adopting a similar platform as well.

Disney will provide exclusive content on its streaming service

Soon, people will no longer be able to watch their favorite Disney movies like "Mulan," "The Fox and the Hound," "Hercules," and various other classics on Netflix. According to the Los Angeles Times, Disney plans on creating two Netflix like streaming services to recapture the market that no longer uses the traditional forms of entertainment, but are instead flocking to streaming sites.

One streaming service will be for sports, the ESPN streaming service, which will begin next year. The Disney-brand films and TV show streaming service is set to debut in 2019.

Disney seems to be facing a loss in revenue, and therefore plans on ending their film distribution partnership with Netflix in 2019, according to the Los Angeles Times.

The rise of Netflix is making Hollywood and other entertainment channels uneasy

This move of Disney to separate from Netflix is coming around a time when Hollywood has begun to feel that Netflix is dominating the television and entertainment market.

It is hard to find anyone who does not have a Netflix account. In retaliation, several channels have started to create their streaming services to regain their market and their revenues. Examples of such services are HBO, CBS, and even the Tennis Channel.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Disney's move to create and launch their streaming services may very well be a result of their poor third quarter earnings, since the plan to separate from Netflix was announced the same day the earnings were announced.

Disney will undergo not only a massive change in the platform but also a massive change in strategy.

Disney may soon give Netflix a major run for its money, that is if it can get the same variety of shows on its streaming service as Netflix.