Donald Trump is currently said to be vacationing. Some would say that that is hardly new. Until his base begins to see the truth, we spin our wheels. But his failures mount and so we report. Today it is his overall failure that stands out. Trump is a very bad deal-maker. He has made no deal for his base other than to continue his efforts of hate against Obama and Clinton.

Trump's ongoing hatred

If we elected a president to remind us of the power of hatred for a black centrist president and a Democratic woman generally understood to be a hawk, particularly in regard to Russia, he can vacation until the cows come home and we will still love him.

Bipartisan deals

The most devastating failure of Trump has been that the Obama-hating GOP has swallowed pride and is now beginning to make deals with the Democrats. The motive is to keep Trump from further acts that damage the country. Witness Trump having to sign an almost unanimous sanctions package that he is livid about. It even has a provision to keep him from interfering. Of course, the GOP must now work across the aisle to support Obamacare against the attacks of Trump.

A baby in the West Wing

Trump is being treated like a baby in the White House. He has a general to supervise his tweeting, and he has a petrified staff afraid of the general.

If anyone wants to share crazy goings on in the White House with the outside world, they face prosecution. Dysfunctional has morphed into infantile.

Multiple failures

Trump's legislative efforts have been a failure, save for his confirming of Gorsuch which was achieved by a humiliating necessity called the nuclear option because no Democrat would vote for him.

His businesses were either failures ending in bankruptcies or ventures with criminals associated with the US Mafia and Russian oligarchs. The president's biggest failure may turn out to be the ongoing Mueller investigation. The investigation is now working with a DC grand jury that can command testimony under oath. The only out is the fifth amendment.

If there is a parade of fifth amendment pleas, it will not bode well for the president.

The art of the possible

The Times says that "Congress is showing signs of understanding what Mr. Trump clearly does not: that politics is not "The Art of the Deal,” but the art of the possible." The question this series of articles asks is whether it is possible to remove Donald Trump from the White House permanently. To the extent that his base is still happy with his incessant war on Obama and Clinton, he is probably safe. Without that weapon, he is reduced to dog whistles.