This morning, two pieces of the current conflict are pretty clear. That is unusual since much of what we have been dealing with is intentionally confused and subject to all sorts of interpretations.

Binary matters are simple. They are based on conflict, on winning and losing. It is now possible to suggest that we know what the binary is as far as trump and his tenure at the White House are concerned. It is Trump loyalists versus Bob Mueller.

Is the Right Wing evil?

Both sides are real. There is first Trump's actual base of strength and it is easily classified as his right wing loyalists.

This is not a monolithic group that marches in lockstep. It is all of the people Trump actually serves. Look at this embed and acknowledge that Trump's loyalists ultimately fan out into the realm of respectable and civil Republicans. That it is led by the likes of Steve Bannon is immaterial. It is Trump they empathize with. They see him as the beleaguered victim of attacks from everywhere. Everything he does is either great or at least OK.

There we go

Now it is time to get honest about opposition to Trump. I write these summaries daily on the assumption that the bulk of items flagging actual dangers, harms, and evils will register and create a groundswell of opposition what will put this man where he belongs -- out.

And why so?

Because Trump's loyalists are happy when cruel things are done and the constitution is assaulted and they have a friend in the White House. Read about Mr. Perkins gushing over Trump's receptiveness. I imagine Wayne La Pierre similarly gushes as well.

We have numbers but no cohesion

It would be nice to describe us numerically and otherwise as the other half (or two-thirds) of this binary.

But there is no cohesion. And the reason is a good one.

\Many of us are tired of binary and want triadic instead. Triadic is when you are willing to compromise, talk things through and give the other side at least some respect. When one sees this and realizes that behind everything the division is between binary war and some sort of conciliation, you sense what a real bind we are in.

Which is why we gravitate to Mueller

We might like to see the collapse of Trump loyalists but that is not too likely. We might like to wait for the Democrats to win the house so Nancy Pelosi can be president after a successful impeachment, but we are not holding our breath. GOP errors may create such a prospect.

Mueller is the real other side of the binary conflict this morning. Our hopes of ousting Trump go back to a single word -- collusion.