No, I won't bother to post Chris Matthews' rapid-fire monologue that suggests an avalanche of Mueller pain descending on Donald Trump. By the same token, I will not bother to post the flood of tweets Donald Trump has retweeted today touting a recovery now in its ninth year. its numbers are mainly fine but no better, indeed a trifle under, what they were a year ago.

Trump is guaranteeing that he will zap more and more regulations to make it better for the corporations.

Why are things escalating just now?

That's the question I want to try to answer.

I have tons of signs so bear with me. We are about to pay for more than a half-month of golfing vacation at a Trump property for the president. Aware of that, here is the first sign of escalating war. Congress is growing a bit of spine.

Clip those wings in a bipartisan mode. Who would have believed? Next thing you know we will be naming GOP congresspeople who are likely to support removing the golfer in chief. Onward.

Whoops! Trump can't win 'em all

It's that word "major" that bites.

I do not think the Democrats are any closer to having a platform that's a winner. But sometimes you win just by being there. Spin that out to a Democratic Congress and an impeachment and you get Nancy Pelosi moving into the White House. Stranger things have happened, Call it cultural lag. There is more,

Yes, those fishy finances

If you don't think the war is escalating big time as we speak, read the following and then go to YouTube and look for videos on Trump's shady finances.

I did that several times over past months and caught up again yesterday. There can be little question that, within the welter of fraudulent dealings that Trump was related to, a still smoking gun exists.

It is ironical.

Trump is nickel and diming the Secret Service and they are ejected from Trump Tower. Shady folk have not only lived there but had cards associating them with Trump. Somewhere in the recesses of Mueller's operation, a prosecutor is smiling.

Time for a final sign:

Growls from the White House? How about a vacation tweet storm?

So Trump is vacationing, having sucked all the oxygen from the theater where things like Korea and Trump's continuing assaults in the USA continue to be of concern. But you know that if stories of Trump's financial deals begin to surface, the "fire Muelle"r card will dance before the fevered brow of the president.

I see this whole thing ending in October. As I write I really have no idea how soon the entire house of cards might yield to gravity.