Dog whistle politics is a polite way of saying that dictator impulses are motivating the use of evil values to motivate evil ideas. For example, if one wishes to suggest that whites have been disadvantaged by affirmative action, or that the poor have been robbing the rich to obtain health care, Dog Whistle Politics will enter. And there is a maestro of dog whistle leadership in the White House.

Call him callous

I should mention that we now know this dog whistler regards his home in Washington, DC, as a "dump." This is why he keeps moving out. He will travel more this year, mainly commuting to his various properties, than Obama did in eight years.

We will pay for it.

When will we say, no more?

It is guaranteed that if any prior President had spoken as Donald Trump has, he would be deemed unfit to serve. It is only because we knew what we were getting and people said they were very mad that we got Trump in the first place. A dictatorial and uncouth person can win when conditions are right for a perfect storm. Trump squeaked in. We still don't know if it was an honest win.

But we should know by now. We should be acting now. We should not believe that this can continue, given daily indications. I publish at least nine of them almost every day. I have few readers but I pass on evidence that is seen by millions. We cannot afford passivity.

Calling the White House a dump -- fuel for the base?


Almost every day Trump provides a reason why he is not merely unfit but really not a president at all.

I cannot see him in the ranks of American presidents. He is essentially excluding himself. Exclusion is an evil, like the exclusion of minorities, is. When you exclude yourself you are diminishing who you really are. Trump does this constantly. Unfortunately, because he is president this makes him unfit and in need of release from the place he calls a dump.

Here's a dog whistle if there ever was one

Dog whistles work best when we are dealing with social issues like segregation and discrimination. Ideally, we are meant to be an integrated society. If we are not, we have succumbed to dictatorial evil. This is exactly the intent of this effort to undo affirmative action. It is like Trump's entire program. Trump wants to make America white again. Trump wants to make America gas-guzzling again. Trump wants to make America a war-hero to the world again. Trump's wants to move backward.

Luckily for us, creation moves forward no matter what this unfit soul says.