Have you ever felt lost and “all at sea,” questioning your purpose more often? While age and various experiences bring wisdom and knowledge, I must say it can also bring along a set of complicated issues and overwhelming emotions that seem disturbing. Yes, I am running 35 in a couple of months, and I am afraid that I am one of those people going through that stage called – midlife crisis.

No Luxury of time

With the busy day-to-day, we find comfort with the excuse of “not having the luxury of time” for failing to scrutinize ourselves closely onset of this emotionally draining transition.

Often times, we neglect to keep ourselves in check, and reflect what it is that we really want to accomplish and where we want to go. We seek solace with the idea that everyone feels a little down in the dumps now and then, so we tend to disregard to see what is really going on.

While it is easy to acknowledge that we understand people going through this phase, even poked fun at the typical mid-life crisis stereotype, I must say that someone who has yet to experience it personally could not really fathom the level of anxiety brought about by midlife crisis. Based on experience, it took me some time to validate and accept that midlife crisis is at hand.


Aside from the general symptoms, that is, irritability, impatience, feeling down or depressed, one of the many things I have also observed while going through this phase is that strong urge to do something drastic and different.

Sometimes, the desire to act upon that profound “need for change” is so strong that I often feel like I have to listen to the irrational desires. Perhaps going through the changes will prove to be the right decision for others but, me being my skeptical and cautious self, prefer to wait and look at things more objectively amidst the internal struggle.

Midlife crisis may sound intimidating but do not fret. I believe that those who are called into this kind of experience are lucky to go through a period of awakening and breakthrough – a chance to start life in a way that is more aligned with who you really are. I am pretty much certain that this milestone does not have to be difficult just as long as we are open to embrace and accept the change to become something greater.

Whereas one attempts to Restart life to better fit his or her heart in hopes to resolve that inner conflict, he or she must also pay attention to every bit of information and lesson learned along the way that we need for midlife answers.