Sundays should really come with a pause button Taurus, but since it doesn’t, we’re here everyday to bring you insight from the stars. Your birthday falls between April 20th and May 20th making you a hard worker, steadfast in your affections and a sexual beast in the bedroom. Today’s daily Taurus Lovescope speaks about the need for a new perspective.

What to expect:

Singles: Today’s key words Taurus are freedom and revolution. You need to burst away from the old you and discover your inner self that actually has a lot of hidden tricks. Try broadening your perspective today when you get that.mad urge to do something completely shocking and very exciting.

You have been hitting the streets hard lately, meeting people, being on the lookout, keeping yourself open to adventure. Today, you’ll feel refreshingly creative so find an outlet to put your imaginative thoughts into action.

Couples: An obstacle that had been present in your love life goes poof today as you get a breakthrough on dealing with it. The change may allow your relationship to take a meaningful turn which will please you immensely. One of your great, romantic, impromptu dates is in order, and with the stars on your side, this could be one to remember.

Your partner suddenly wants to make changes to your relationship and this takes you by surprise. After all, you thought everything was working just fine before.

Before you two go mixing things up, try to understand his/her motives for this desire.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: With love, you first have to know what is, in order to act towards what you want and what will eventually be. Today, the stars gift you with some clarity and you see exactly what was in front of you the entire time.

Find the courage to deal with it head on.

If you have been trying to find your special someone, or you’ve been trying to communicate your feelings to a certain person you’ve had your eye on, then today promises success.

For those already in a relationship: It’s normal for old fears to resurface from time to time. But if you’re in a relationship, it will definitely put a damper on things and prevent you from giving your whole self to this union.

Today, if your partner has been acting strangely because of his or her insecurities, you need to comfort them and help find a way to bring closure to their past. Once this is done, the stars guarantee that your relationship will take on a whole new life of itself and, for the better.

It has been a pleasure providing you with your daily Lovescope for Taurus. We wish you a blessed Sunday and a most enjoyable and productive week ahead. Do share your reading with family and friends on social media and we look forward to seeing you soon.