Greetings Gemini! Start your Sunday with a clean heart, pure intentions, no fear and no worries. Your birthday between May 21st and June 21st makes you energetic and unpredictable. You’d love to have a partner who keeps you guessing but in a good way. Your daily Lovescope for Gemini speaks about not giving in to fears that can steal your happiness.

What to expect

Singles: You and your darling need to take some time today to work around a problem that threatens upheaval. Everyone encounters problems but they are no reason to back down. Talk it out, throw it around a couple of times, beat that issue to a pulp if you must, but by the end of the day your connection will be stronger and you’ll feel proud that you were able to put your heads together to find a solution.

You’ve got the gift of gab and in a social situation today, you are the conversational clue. Everyone wants your advice or your viewpoint on some pressing matter. Find a way to use your popularity to get alone time with your crush. He or she has been listening and is very impressed.

Couples: It’s not good to be keeping secrets from your partner. Just think how you’d feel if the shoe was on the other foot. The stars say just come out with it, in as gentle a way possible, but as honest as you can. Stop avoiding issues, hoping they will resolve themselves. A healthy relationship is based on trust and openness. Don't get discouraged by anxiety and insecurity today, but use the determination which you have always shown!

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: You’re the accommodating one in your circle and always try to go out of your way to make others feel right at home. Today, unfortunately, no one cares much for your peace of mind, Gemini. Friends, partners and family are loud, a bit obnoxious and are in quite a rebellious mood and not mincing words.

You in turn are frustrated and want to blow them all out. However, the stars remind you that human nature is changeable and in the future, you may just want to stop going out of your way to please everyone.

For those of you already in a relationship: Insecurities are highlighted today and they are coming from a dark place within you Gemini.

You have had some bad experiences in love and no matter how great your current partner treats you, there’s a niggling feeling that he or she will abandon you eventually for someone else. You can either talk through your fears with him/her and find someway to be reassured or, you need to find solace by yourself. Understand, that when things are going too well, you have a tendency not to enjoy it because you think something has to be wrong. Today, try living in the present and leave your past behind.

That all for Sunday’s daily Lovescope for Gemini. We thank you for starting off your week with us and hope you’ll return again tomorrow for more valuable insight from the stars.