It’s Saturday Cancer so welcome it with a smile! Your birthday between June 22nd and July 22nd makes you a lover of people and quite sympathetic to their inner needs. Today’s daily Lovescope for Cancer speaks about being open with others so as not to leave them in the dark about your feelings.

What to expect:

Singles: Don't jump to conclusions today because accusations may scare away other people--other people you actually like! You're trying to be honest about your emotions, but this certain someone is acting aloof and putting you more on edge. Give it some time.

Your chemistry might be better in a couple days.

You are in a period of interpersonal harmony and can expect today to feel the warmth of those close to you. Share your feelings today with them and/or a special someone you have the hots for, and you will see this openness reflected back to you. Singles should focus on building up their best qualities as someone special will surely notice.

Couples: A financial matter is in the stars, and when it comes to money, it’s always a kind of thorny issue that could lead to a lot of disputes. Begin with talking about the underlying principles in a non-confrontational manner because the only way to approach this topic is with caution. You may want to spend some on new shoes, while your partner has his/her eye on a new grilling set--hmm--you two better talk things out and reach a compromise unless you want a really sour evening.

In the passion department, your partner has lots of reassurance for you and that’s a great thing because you don’t feel too sprightly today. Those of you in the third decade will let yourselves go with no inhibitions whatsoever and you will involve your special someone. Tonight you've planned everything: a sensual encounter, flirtation, seduction and promises.

However, it'll be hard for you to trick people with your empty promises. Behave, Cancer!

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: One-on-one attention makes you feel a little hazy. You need to find your place in a big group or you'll go solo. Stick close to home and you're guaranteed to have a good time. Why not throw a potluck for your friends and dates?

The warm, fun and inviting atmosphere is sure to cheer everyone up.

For those of you already in a relationship: There is a more earthy quality about you today that translates your fantasies into reality--and it is the fantasies that could bridge the gap and start the healing which needs to take place physically. It may be passion of a different kind, but today's astral energy means that you will have quite a lot to give to your special someone, romantically. Have a great day because your partner definitely will!

That’s a wrap for today’s daily Lovescope for Cancer. Get out there and enjoy your Saturday and don’t forget to return tomorrow to see what else the stars have planned for you. Thank you for dropping by!