Hi Geminis! Saturday feel good doesn’t it? Your sign runs from May 21st and June 21st making you enthusiastic and cheerful, in other words, the life of the party! Your daily Lovescope for Gemini speaks about new possibilities when you look at the bigger picture.

What to expect

Singles: You learn something new everyday and opening your heart to another can be the most educational experience life has to offer. Today, expect to have an amazing conversation with someone -- maybe someone who makes your heart jump. It will be nerve wracking, sure, but also, totally fun.

'Live and learn': that's your motto. Why not change that up just a little to 'live, Love And Learn'? Or even just 'love and learn'?

Couples: There’s no time to get stuck in a rut and a new influence of some kind (Fusion cuisine? A new counselor? Finger-painting?) will give you and your partner a much needed boost. You've definitely got the kind of brainpower now that can take your heart in a whole new direction. A brand new perspective on your relationship could take you both to another level and you may even start seeing your partner in a new light. Whoopee!

Work or money worries are the last thing your partner needs to hear about right now so find another time to raise those issues. The stars recommend patience even if you’re feeling really bored tonight because of routine.

New things are on the way. If you have any doubts about a waning relationship, then today, with warmth and tenderness, these will be dispelled. If your rising sign is in the sign of Leo, use your logic and you will certainly have the right intuition to face every challenge, even those at work

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: It is quite stressful finding someone you’re romantically interested and even harder to ensure mutual feelings.

Today, ease yourself of that tension and get away from it all. A short trip will bring out a better you, make you much more relaxed and open to a new partner at this time. Who knows? You may even meet someone at a small gathering of friends and family. Keep the faith. Someone special will come your way soon.

For those of you already in a relationship: Where there is a will, there’s a way and today, you’re looking to put some romance back in your life.

There is a way, especially with today's astral configuration. Talk, smile sweetly, be charming, and present your loved one with a gift you know will put them in the right mood. It’s a surefire recipe for romance!

That’s all for Saturday’s daily Lovescope for Gemini. We wish you a most enjoyable weekend and invite you to visit us tomorrow for more insight from the stars.