Welcome to super Saturday Scorpio! Your birth between October 23rd and November 21st makes you territorial with the potential to become a dangerous enemy. Today’s daily Lovescope for Scorpio, speaks about trusting your gut feeling.

What to expect:

Singles: Change is good--no, great and today your head is bubbling over with radical ideas. You're in a let's-paint-the-living-room-purple kind of mood. You could be up for some redecorating but maybe the house isn't the thing you should spend your energy on. Take a step outside your comfort zone and get in the mix with a different group of people than you're used to.

You don't have to go crazy mingling. Just dip a toe in the waters and see if there's anyone who appeals to you.

You know what you’re about so you find it hard to listen to viewpoints different from yours. Remember however, that no one likes their ideas to be taken for granted or dismissed--so even if your crush is making little sense today, listen up. Asking a few questions may reveal that there's something to it you wouldn't expect.

Couples: Trust your instincts today. If somebody suggests something bold and rotten (like them taking your honey on a tropical vacation -- without you!) feel free to bring down the high heavens on them! Possessiveness is in your nature and you’ve tried to tone it down but honey, sometimes you have to guard what’s yours with your life!

For those of you in a relationship with an Aries, note that this fire sign loves to rule the roost and more than that, love the thrill of the chase. Stop being so easily available and try to have a detached attitude, just for a while, and you’ll see your Aries come rushing to be at your side.

How to get through your day:

For those looking for love: This is an excellent day for romantic dalliances and some harmless fun.

You may have a special event to attend that will give you much needed stress relief. You will be looking your best and those around you are sure to notice! Indulge yourself in this respect; adorn your favorite outfit and some special accouterments and let the admiration from all and sundry begin!

For those of you already in a relationship: If you have been experiencing some particularly difficult highs and lows in other areas of your life, you’ll surely welcome a chance to spend time today with your partner.

He/she will be great fun to be with and do everything possible to take your mind off of your worries. The planetary energy means that there is a very attentive and supportive influence between you that brings you closer together, especially in a deeper caring and sharing way. What a powerful and healing

That’s what Saturday has in store for you in today’s daily Lovescope for Scorpio. Thanks so much for visiting and we hope that you’ll share it with your friends and family. Enjoy the rest of your day!