In today’s daily Chinese horoscope for Dog, we diligently commune with the stars for they will assist you in your life quest. Join Astrologer Megan Wilson as she gets to the core of what they have for you so that you can be better equipped for your day.

What to expect

General: Are you getting a strange feeling about something? Maybe your senses are tingling for reason. Astrologers say to pay attention to that feeling because whatever it is, you are certainly right about it. Something about today allows you to know about an incident or situation that will be happening.

Call it a knowledgeable gift from the universe. Pour yourself into that thought process, give it you all and you will figure it out. It’s incredibly important that you follow your instincts today.

Career: In the world of work, a colleague’s relationship with you will be strained today. You all had a bit of a disagreement, well; maybe it was more than an argument. It is up to you to decide if this person is worth making amends. Are they more than a colleague? Have you two become friends?

Love and relationships: Lift up your proverbial rug and tell me why have you been dusting your problems under there? Expect that your issues will come to a massive impasse soon. Today, to avoid that relationship war, please attend to concerns.

Avoidance cannot solve any problems. It will only delay the inevitable and cause fiery disputes.

If you are single you positive energy may work in your favor and bring someone your way. Two creative types can be fun so make the most of the moment and see where this goes. Ensure you take contact information, inclusive on social media names after all, people post their lives on their profiles.

It will be a good way to gauge this potential mate. You have great intuition so trust it.

How to get through your day

In order to make it through your day you should pay close attention to your intuition. You may not be a clairvoyant; however, you are quite good at analyzing a situation and seeing where it could potentially lead.

Try to make the situation at work a little more comfortable with friendly banter. Let your good nature lead the way and encourage others.

In terms of love simply face the issues head on. Any other approach will lead to a build up of tensions and like a volcano ready to erupt...your partner may just explode.

That’s it for today’s daily Chinese horoscope for Dog. Thank you for reading and do share with your family today and encourage them to share with their friends. Have a great and enjoyable day