Hey, Virgos! Astrologer Megan Wilson brings you your daily horoscope for Virgo on this absolutely exhilarating Thursday. Let’s see what the stars tell you about today. In today’s forecast, we’re taking a look at your emotions and interaction with others.

What to expect

Are you wringing your hands with excess energy Virgo? Well, that's fine, just be cognizant that you haven't forgotten anything like your credit card, keys or your mobile phone. Anxiety often makes us so frazzled, that even the smallest parts of our routine could become undone or confusing.

If this is a feeling you wish to avoid for the entirety of the day channel it into more productive vessels. Whip out that to do list and start accomplishing and marking off the tasks one by one such as cleaning the gutters, washing the windows or even updating your laptop. Today won't be your most exciting day but you can definitely make it one of your most effective days.

If your rising sign is Leo, the Universe is on your side today friend and when the stars align in your favor only a fool won’t take advantage of that state of affairs. Approach that situation that you previously shelved as hopeless as a possible solution is on its way.

Romance is in the air for you today, but let go and let it be Virgo.

For once sit back, wait and act coy. This strategy will be much more profitable than if you try to bulldoze your way into a situation.

How to get through your day

To get through your day Virgo, acknowledge that it's time! The stars prescribe that it's a good instance to get together with friends. However, hold off on calling the group for beers tonight.

You know exactly what you have been stalling to do and today is as good as any to take on this battle. You and your close friend have not been seeing eye to eye for some time now, instead of seeing a long and trusting friendship fall by the wayside, make that time today to have that difficult conversation.

As a Virgo, it is not unnatural for you to be a bit more emotional than others, this emotional state is due to your sensitive nature, however, it is best to clamp down on the water works today and open your ears and listen closely, you may be pleasantly surprised by what your friend says and realize that an answer is much closer and easier than you previously thought.

Virgo, it was a pleasure sharing today’s daily horoscope for Virgo with you! Please share it with all of your friends and have a great day!