A special hello to you! It’s Thursday and welcome to your daily horoscope for Libra, where we take a look at what you can expect and how to be in full control of your day. Astrologer Megan Wilson shares her insight on what the stars are telling you for today:

What to expect

The future is looming, and today Libra, it’s important for you to start seriously thinking about your career and future prospects. Are you content in your current place of employment? Have you been having a desire to change jobs or maybe try a new career path altogether? Today is the day to start looking into and exploring those ideas.

Start small, not all changes need to be fast or rushed, you can take the first step today by simply making some phone calls and getting some information. While usually, this is an easy instruction for you, today it might require a greater effort since you may be distracted by your love interest. The decision is ultimately yours, with the stars as your guide, you know exactly what is at stake.

Libra, known for carrying the scales and with your innate desire for justice, it's not strange that sometimes you find yourself at the center of a debate. OK let's be serious, when we say debate, we really mean argument. Resist today, a disagreement on this day can easily turn from a difference of opinions to the permanent end of a friendship.

Avoidance will be necessary today.

Don't despair though Libra, you have more coming your way than just trials and stresses today, you will also be witness to a beautiful moment in the life of a loved one today. Do what you do best Libra, which is to nurture and support. This moment will surely fill you both with a great sense of pride.

Don’t be bashful, their victory is partly due to you, they wouldn't have been able to accomplish it without your assistance, so treat yourselves to a fancy lunch or dinner and share a toast over their successes.

How to get through your day

To get through the day Libra, seek peace from external measures today, usually, you are one of the most balanced ones in your social spheres, however, with all that is on your plate, it's OK to seek out wisdom from someone else today.

It's fine to ask for help, in fact when The Moon is in Sagittarius, it is even encouraged. This person could be a professional mentor or maybe an elder in your family who always gives amazing insight, lay your burdens down Libra and entrust them to someone else this time. You will find that hearing the experiences of those who you respect will make any difficult career decisions that much easier to contemplate.

Libra, you’re known for your kind words, however today there is a need for directness. Don’t mince words, get it all off your chest and then move towards an even better relationship. As the saying goes; the truth will set you free.

Thanks for reading today’s daily horoscope for Libra. Please share with your friends and have an astonishing Thursday!