Hi, Leo! It’s a terrific Thursday today and Astrologer Megan Wilson welcomes to your daily horoscope for Leo! Let’s see what the stars want to tell you for today, Leo. Here is some information on what you can expect and how to navigate through your day:

What to expect

Stay away from extreme acts today, trust the Stars! The consequences will not be worth a few moments of anger.

Prowling around with a serious expression is sort of your calling card in the office Leo, but today you are called towards a different role. Today instead of being the King or Queen, be the jester and no, this does not necessarily mean be the fool or act foolish, but you can embrace silliness.

Regardless of our age, we can dig deep and find that inner child when necessary. So take hold of that spirit and pay it forward, organize a sports league at work or maybe just a simple games night among your friends.

Seek happiness today, the way some seek wealth or others work towards the perfect body, you know Leo that your insecurities don't lie in the physical realm. Do something that you haven't tried before that may aid you in this pursuit, maybe like signing up for a yoga retreat, taking a swim or just blasting your music. Whichever form it takes, as long as it makes you love life or smile organically then that is the mission of the day.

How to get through your day

To get through the day Leo, for your animal’s sake, you will need to be extra watchful and vigilant.

While you are known for your trusting nature, with the Moon in Sagittarius, your instincts will be even truer. It may be time for you to read certain signs that present themselves. Someone close to you is not representing themselves correctly and taking advantage of you and your kindness as a result of it. The disappointment that you will feel when this situation is addressed will greatly outweigh any anger.

Do not waste your voice to shout and yell as your silence and the sound of you leaving will have a much more forceful impact.

A battle is on the horizon though, however, be mindful that not all battles fought are with blood and brawn - this is a battle of the minds. While Leos are logical, they can also be impetuous, don't be caught up in a negative cycle with people that really don't have your best interest in mind. In these situations, the strongest thing you can do is walk away.

Alright, Leo, that was it for today’s daily horoscope for Leo. Thanks for reading and have a great day!