Hey, Virgos! It’s Wednesday! Born between August 23 and September 22, you're considered to be one of the most practical signs of the zodiac. Today’s horoscope looks at expanding. Relax and let’s see what the stars have to offer.

What to expect

Today, Virgo, you may need to contact a lot of people, but the process could be frustrating. When you call, they are either not answering you or you're directed to voice mail. Why can't people just be forthcoming, you might ask? The longer people take to reply or to get back to you, the more frustrated you will become.

Unless it's an urgent matter, it might be better to wait until tomorrow to try to reach them, Virgo. There is no point in getting yourself too stressed out.

You will most likely enjoy the company of your elder family members. Try not to be a nag, Virgo. As the Moon enters Taurus, you will be required to exercise some self-discipline.

You're still in the mood for socializing, Virgo. Luck you! The stars advise you to go out again, meet new people and mingle. All eyes will be on you.

Virgo, do you need some further expansion in your life? Perhaps you need to learn something new, or to add a new ritual to your day. Do you need new friends who match your goals and values? Well then, the choice is clear -- all you have to do is do one thing differently and it will have a domino effect in other areas of your life.

Offer an invitation to someone unusual to lunch. You never know what the two of you have in common! How about taking an art class? As soon as you get the ball rolling, you won't be able to stop it -- not that you'd want to. The new possibilities are endless.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Virgo, use your outgoing nature and charm to dazzle others.

People want to listen to what you have to say, so be open with them. Try not to be overly emotional when dealing with your partner, and try to avoid exaggeration on your part.

Avoid wearing the color olive green today!

Don't do too much extra activity today, Virgo. Instead, get into some relaxation exercise and do some stretches.

It’s celebration time tonight, so open a bottle of sparkling wine and share with your loved one.

For those who are older, enjoy the stars tonight and the romance that comes along with them. Let yourself go and be free! The stars suggest that you don’t get overly sad when a love story ends, because life goes on!

So, Virgo, that’s it for today’s daily horoscope. Be sure to check your daily horoscope tomorrow. Thanks for reading! Enjoy your Wednesday!