Friday is here Virgo, and no matter how tough the week has been, you have resilience! Hang in there for better days are ahead--they’re called Saturday and Sunday! Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson is ready with the stars’ forecast for today’s daily horoscope for Virgo so let’s see what’s up ahead:

What to expect

Don't be intimidated or blackmailed today by anyone who thinks they have you over a barrel because they know your secrets and how badly you want to protect them. You happen to know something just as potentially volatile about your tormentor, Virgo.

Not that you'd ever choose to say anything about it--but if that’s what they’re asking for, then let the games begin! Let them know that you don’t battle to lose, and you know exactly how to take them down.

One is good, but two is better. A friend has been missing your lovely company so give him/her a call and go have some fun. A walk, swimming or shopping can be even more enjoyable with the right company. Tonight, that person may have some exciting suggestions so ask for advice and then go wild! Those of you from the first decade can discover feelings of bared souls rather than bodies. Love like this is on the cards for you today. Problems can and will resolve themselves if you use a little understanding and affection.

Is your special someone just around the corner? Well, the moon in Pisces says it’s a great day to fall in love so, who knows? You know for a fact that meeting the right person would change your life forever, but don’t rush into matters of the heart. This person could be someone whom you have to know for quite some time now so get to know him/her better--maybe plan a short trip on the weekend for mutual bonding.

Don’t forget your friends and family today. How are they? Check in with them about how they are feeling today, and you may be able to ward off any unexpected troubles. Wearing olive green is recommended.

How to get through your day.

Sometimes, we’re all tempted to wish for somebody else’s life, but that’s not the cards you were dealt.

Today, read from your script, not someone else's. Live your own life, the way you see best and don’t fall under the influence of others. Just because everyone else is walking on eggshells doesn't mean you need to, Virgo. Your upbeat spirit will be more welcome than usual due to the drama around you. Be careful of falling into the role that you know others want you to play. Tell them to mind their own business.

It was a real pleasure sharing today’s daily horoscope for Virgo with you, and we hope that you’ll check in again tomorrow! Please share your reading with all of your friends on social media and have an amazing Friday!