Welcome to today’s daily horoscope for Libra! It’s the end of the week and ‘it’s Friday’ is simply an excellent excuse to use for anything today. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson has consulted the stars so let’s have a look at what the rest of this beautiful day holds for you.

What to expect

You’re feeling drained and bet you're feeling like that because you were out and about last night, playing with your friends or perhaps your main squeeze. Well, grab yourself a power nap, because last-minute changes in your plans for the evening could mean no sleep again!

And if you can't fit in a nap? Oh well, good thing your batteries are used to the pressure you put on them. You’ll need to slow down soon you know if only to recuperate from the last few days of revelry.

Time is passing you by and in the frenzy of things, have you been enjoying it? The stars say that you've been so busy dotting all the I's and crossing the t's that you forgot to check in on that little thing called your life. Others do depend on you, but you have to make taking care of yourself a priority as well. Refuse to be stifled by rules and routine. Expand your horizons and find ways to flex your freedom no matter how small.

Today, the stars will give you loads more energy than usual. It’s a perfect chance to catch up with household chores or decorating.

Romantic encounters are favored by the planets so try to make the most of this and be a whirlwind on the dance floor. There's time later for relaxation. Those of the second decade who have only recently started your relationship, go for it! This is true love and will last for a long time! It’s time to break out of your shell and abandon yourself to intriguing situations: there's no more room for shyness!

Your new partner will be captivated by your confidence.

Blue is your lucky color for today which, by the way, portends to be extremely lucky for you. You may want to introspect upon the many decisions that you have taken in your life up till now--how could you have made better choices and what have you learned? Now, before taking a major decision, especially at work, take your time and consider all the pros and cons.

This will be a fruitful time for you, and the insight that you gain will help you improve your career, family life, and relationships.

How to get through your day

Don’t be clouded by your sensitivity, Libra. Your underlying emotions in a certain situation could be causing you to jump to conclusions that are keeping you from seeing the truth, Libra. Try having all the facts before you make assumptions. It’s easy to think the worst and stress yourself out--but don’t worry, things aren’t as bad as they seem.

That’s a wrap for today’s daily horoscope for Libra. It has been a pleasure providing you with insight that could guide you towards a happier and more informed you. Enjoy the rest of your day.