Greetings to you Taurus and happy Tuesday! Be humble in your confidence, yet humble in your character. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson is ready with your daily horoscope for Taurus, so let’s take a look.

What to expect

It’s always an amazing feeling when you can use your gifts to help people, Taurus. You have been blessed with so much that people actually do seek you out for loans, advice, an ear to listen to them, and just plain company. You are also a real people’s person and love finding out the intricacies of their working mind. Today you are extra magnetic and very few can keep their eyes away from you.

If you are approached by someone you know to be extremely shy, please be accommodating and gentle. He/she took all the courage in the world to step up to you today and make conversation, so be kind. It costs nothing. You may actually be surprised at the depth to which this talk is headed. Read between the lines and decide where to go from here.

A bit of strain in your relationship has left you feeling to stay under the covers today and tell the world to leave you alone. Your partner is keeping their distance too, and it’s making you feel even worse. The stars say that today is not the time to play the blame game or be your usual stubborn Taurus self. In the haste of the moment, you both said things you didn’t mean and you’d better patch things up today before it’s left to linger down the path of no return.

Talk it out in a mature and sensible fashion and before long, you’ll both be back to being ‘lovey dovey’ all over again.

Singles are likely to change their relationship status today while couples will want to make theirs a bit more official. It’s nice to get caught up in the throes of love Taurus, but keep your head on please.

Sometimes promises are made without any intention of being kept. Some are voiced just to keep you hanging on. Today, delve beyond the surface of what you see, hear and feel. A startling discovery may need to be made before you can take decisive action about where you two are really headed.

To get through your day

Wear dark blue today for a calm feeling and to attract good vibrations to yourself.

You’re not feeling like busting out any moves today and would much rather stay at home and putter around. You can try out a new chocolate mousse dessert you saw on one of your favorite Facebook food pages or finally make that eggnog you’ve been craving. Some video games could also be fun or just curl up with a good book to lose yourself in another story but your own. Relax, rejuvenate and get ready for what Wednesday’s bringing to your doorstep.

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