Greetings dear friend! It’s time for Saturday’s daily horoscope for Taurus. Strength doesn’t come from what you can do, it comes from overcoming the things you once thought, you couldn’t. Astrologer Megan Wilson is ready with your reading, so let’s take a look:

What to expect

If you’re usually influenced by the opinions of others Taurus, you will have no desire of your own. There are too many people looking for acceptance and so, they’re willing to be puppets at the expense of their dignity and free will. You, however, are a leader, you never follow, no matter how much others try to convince you that their way is right.

Several decisions need to be made today Taurus and while you may seek the advice of others, just to get a different perspective, it’s your call in the end.

Not only is the weekend knocking at the door for single Tauruses, but an admirer could be sitting on the front porch of your heart, just waiting for you to open up. Someone rushes in at full speed today and knocks you off your senses. You usually like to observe people carefully first before even approaching someone for a date, but you don’t even have time today because he/she has already asked you out! Talk about eager! Well, it’s not like you had anything major planned, and you sure would love the company. Take a risk and accept the offer.

Go out and have fun and really get to know this mystery person.

Something you need at work may have been misplaced and you’re up in arms about it. This could be your favorite red stapler, that fancy pen you got last Christmas for being Employee of the Year, or maybe it’s your latest proposal, that’s not near the printer where you’re sure you put it.

Added to that, a co-worker is pushing all your buttons and you’re tempted to knock them down and empty the bin on them! Easy Taurus, that temper of yours needs to be reined in. The stars say you could be overreacting because whatever’s missing will soon turn up and as for that annoying colleague, he/she is actually just looking for attention.

Bear with them a little more, because it’s nearly closing time and you won’t have to deal with them again until Monday!

To get through your day

A minor issue threatens to blow into a full-scale quarrel by tonight, with a loved one. Unexpected changes have taken place, and while you’re great at adapting to new circumstances, your honey feels a little uncomfortable and out of place. Comfort them, letting them know that you’re here to help them get through this together. You really do have a soothing effect on people Taurus and such a way with words, that they’d be ready to believe you if you said your toaster was home to the smurfs! Just relax with your darling and he/she will be back to normal in no time.

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