Your weekend is here in full force Gemini! Today, remember that while adversity causes some men to break, others, simply break records! Welcome to Saturday’s daily horoscope for Gemini. Make sure to always enjoy the moments you’re living in because they won’t last forever. Your gifted astrologer Megan Wilson has consulted the stars on your behalf and has prepared an exciting report for you. Let’s take a look:

What to expect

People see you today just getting by with a smile on your face and they wonder how come you’re not banging on the walls. You have been under stress Gemini but what good will creating a scene make?

Being optimistic isn’t about always being happy, but about taking whatever the world throws at you and saying to it "I’m not going to let you get me down."

Cheer up a certain person who comes to you today with seemingly insurmountable problems. Give advice on how you manage to balance your home and work life and even some of your methods for de-stressing. It might not really mean anything to you, but the mere fact that you took the time to speak to them, means everything to this other person and you may have just made a friend for life.

Someone has his/her eyes on you at the workplace but not in a romantic manner. You feel as if your every move is being documented and you’re starting to wonder if you’re on "Candid Camera." Just keep plodding along and doing the best job that you can.

Your boss is still following you around, acting normal but with a piercing gaze. What’s up with these people at your work Gemini? The stars say you’re sure to have a pleasant surprise soon because all that stalking may have been a personal performance evaluation. So, did you pass the test? You know you did Gemini and with flying colors too!

If you can’t seem to get someone out of your head today, then maybe they’re supposed to be there Gemini. You’re looking forward to spending time with this person and wondering if they miss you. The stars say instead of making things uncomfortable by fussing over how to ask them out, why not have a get together with your friends and invite them along?

It’s sure to be an ice breaker and afterward, you can enjoy some alone time, with this special someone. The stars predict a romantic, even fiery night for some of you Gemini born, it’s just up to you to seize the opportunity and run with it.

How to get through your day

Sometimes, you surprise yourself at how popular and well liked you are Gemini. It’s only because you’re reliable, supportive and a downright great friend to those who cross your path. Feel free to seek their advice to day on any matter: love, work, fashion and even cooking! Everyone is willing to help you out because they know you’re often the first to chip in for them, when things go awry.

That’s a wrap for today’s daily horoscope for Gemini. We hope you have found it useful and will return soon for more insight into your Daily life. Enjoy the rest of your super Saturday and don’t forget to share your reading with others on social media.