Hello, Gemini! It’s TGIF. Why are you so witty and charming, Gemini? It's because you were born between May 21 and June 20. Today’s horoscope looks at health care. Here is what the stars have to say to you today, Gemini.

What to expect

Today, Gemini, relax, as you might feel a tiny bit under the weather -- this is largely due to all the worrying you have been doing in recent days. The stars propose that you not begin any new activities, as there might be misconceptions that can make you end up noticeably irritated. In this way, back off, stay cool, and others can get a move on.

Today is a day when you will start to deal with some profound established issues that have been tormenting you for some time as the Moon moves and advances into Virgo. This is not an opportunity to treat diseases and issues on the surface; you may find that you are at long last getting to the center of the issue. This is a troublesome procedure, yet, it will leave you feeling as good as ever when it is altogether said and done.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Gemini, you should try to create something. You could consider model art or even drafting a poem or story. Tonight will be sparkling and dazzling, so you should use this energy and visit a new place, where you'll have the chance to meet a lot of people.

You need to go on a vacation if you are the older Gemini. You could maybe take a cruise, as long as you go far away from the routine of life. Have you ever enjoyed the surprise of an exotic love? Then, don't show yourself as being weak to someone who wants to take advantage of you, give in.

You need to find balance in your life now, Gemini.

All work and no play makes life boring. So forget about overbearing work commitments for the hour and look into having some fun time. Get ahold of some friends and spend the day out, and have some good, clean fun.

Your good health is vitally important and you have been putting off those doctor visits for too long now.

Call and make an appointment and make sure you fulfill it, as there’s no time like the present to make sure all is well with you. After all, that fast-paced lifestyle you have going on needs to remain intact.

Alright, Gemini, that’s it for today’s daily horoscope. We hope that you enjoyed this reading and are looking forward to checking out your horoscope for tomorrow. Thanks for reading, and have an awesome Friday! Enjoy the start of your weekend, and stay tuned for your next reading.