Hi, Gemini! It’s Tuesday today and welcome to your daily horoscope for Gemini! Let’s see what the stars want to tell you for today, Gemini. Here is some information on what you can expect and how to navigate through your day:

What to expect

Today of all days is a day for letting go and letting be. Let all thoughts of revenge be gone from your person, regardless of what was done to you. Today, you have an opportunity free yourself from that negative feeling and the heavy burden that you have been carrying around. While your blood may be close to the surface due to the wrong was done to you, the anger that comes with it harms you more than anyone else.

You have the keys to free yourself of this hate and to decide to submerge yourself in a more positive past time.

Creativity is your channel and outlet today, find a forum whether it be sculpting, painting, writing or decorating. All of this pent up energy is finally being directed in the right directions, and you should make the most of it. This change is internal, and that is why it is encouraged, be careful of trying to make large external changes in your life if your rising sign is Leo, this is the incorrect time for this type of activity. Be patient, your time is approaching soon, and it will be more conducive to your success than it is present. However, do not be anxious in your wait, just remind yourself that all in things in their season.

moon is in Sagittarius today and such; it's time for enjoyment. However, enjoyment is not just a grand party or a vacation to some remote island; it is also measured in personal well-being. Today your emotions are balanced, your mood is stable, and your joy is palpable, inhabit and exude these feelings and not only will you bring joy to yourself but to others as well.

Don't just show up but be a presence.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Gemini, start by making a list and schedule for today, with all of this positive energy and purposeful drive, today can be one of your more productive days. Set an agenda and finally accomplish some of those outstanding tasks that have been lurking in the back of your mind.

Everything from repotting plants, attending to some errands or even sending those work-related emails that have not been responded too. With your mind being clear, you are able to be even more decisive and articulate exactly what is on your mind today.

If you desire additional luck today, then gray is the color to be draped in.

Today will be a day of a lot of activity, when you have completed all outstanding tasks, reward yourself with a well-needed rest.

Many thanks for checking out today’s daily horoscope for Gemini. Always a pleasure to bring you your Daily horoscope. Please share this reading, and have a fabulous day!