Hey, Cancers! Astrologer Megan Wilson brings you your daily horoscope for Cancer today on this wonderful Tuesday. Let’s see what the stars tell you about today. In today’s forecast, we’re taking a look at your emotions and interaction with others.

What to expect

Love seems to be ever present today, as you are encouraged to lavish your romantic partner with love and sweetness if you aren't in a relationship don't worry because this love isn't relegated just for romance. While groups may be overwhelming to you at times, personal relationships are your strong suit Cancer; you have the ability for to make others feel comfortable and be open with you, during the upcoming month this will reveal itself to be even truer than you experienced before.

Be patient and share yourself with others, this won't just be pleasing for them but a very positive engagement for you. Things about your feelings and emotions will be revealed, and those around you will be even more thankful for the relationship that they have with you.

A lot will come your way today and don't be alarmed, draw deep from your inner peace and recognize that this makes you a beacon for others to seek out. Your look good, feel good mantra will be even more visible and will enable you to be even more confident while dealing with these situations. Today more than usual, people will observe that you are truly a surefooted force to be reckoned with.

The stars disclose a specific time of luck for you today;3.45 pm to 5.15 pm and if you wish to be doubly lucky and be convinced that you are on the path to success then ensure that the color lavender is incorporated into your look today.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Cancer, be the shark today, see opportunities and go straight towards them, let your skills with words be at the forefront and feel free to speak freely. Don't be encumbered by misgivings or fear that others may receive the message incorrectly, trust your ability to communicate with others, let no subject be taboo.

Breathe deeply and articulate yourself properly and no content will be too difficult to approach. This endeavor will be mutually beneficial for you and those around you, and your relationships will blossom because of it.

Expect that your emotional balance will be tested, but reach into your bag and take hold of your patience, as a Cancer, you are already fully cognizant as to why patience is a virtue especially as you deal with a friend from the past today.

However do not despair, today is filled with more than just challenges as it’s a beautiful day to search out some form of physical exercise with friends. It will do more than aid just the body but also the mind.

Many thanks Cancer for taking the time to read today’s daily horoscope. If you liked this reading, please share it with your friends on Facebook and Twitter, and have an amazingly fantastic day!