Here’s to a superb Sunday Gemini! Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson extends her best wishes to you today and is ready with some insight from the stars. Before we get started, she just wants you to remember to respect people's feelings today, because while they may mean nothing to you, it could mean everything to them. Now, let’s take a look at your daily horoscope for Gemini.

What to expect

Unfortunately, even though it’s Sunday, you won't get many opportunities to relax today. If you’re lucky, you could get a little shopping done while you’re on a break.

Doesn't a nice hot shower or bubble bath sound inviting? Treat yourself later to one as it will re-energize you and lessen any existing tension. regenerating shower anyhow. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes Gemini. Everyone does whether they like it or not--and today, the stars will make things change for the better. Show your sentiments today with sincerity.

You, Gemini, are the hub of a big social wheel. You've got some marvelous social gifts, one of them being the ability to connect people from all walks of life. Another is the ability to make new acquaintances feel like old friends--so why not bring both groups of people together right now? With you at the center, all kinds of great connections could get started right now.

Today you feel pulled in at least two directions. Your darling wants you to be more spontaneous but you are an everlasting creature of routine. The sudden change gives you the shivers and unplanned outings get you nervous. What do you do? First off, keep those wonderful, special reservations you've made because they weren’t easy to get and second, pretend that you just happened to call up this place today and were lucky enough to get the last two spots!

Your darling will be so happy! Yes, it’s a white lie but no one’s getting hurt and you both will still have a great time. Bribe the waiter to keep their mouth shut if you have to!

How to get through your day

Watch your attitude and try not to be a stick in the mud today, Gemini--other people simply won’t make the extra effort to drag you along.

Take the initiative and if you want to have fun, create it. Other people can sense your jealous nature, so don't think you're fooling anyone. Let others live their lives. You need to concentrate on your own.

You are likely to hold back from communicating what you truly feel today so wear silver to attract positive cosmic energy. You may have observed that your warmth for your close ones may have declined and you feel a little detached. Collective discontent, which you have been harboring inside of you could have created this situation. The first step to resolving this is positive thinking.

Thank you for checking out your daily horoscope for Gemini. We’ve enjoyed sharing it with you and hope that in turn, you will share your reading with your friends and family on social media. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!